well i was unique for almost 24 hours.

let’s see if this trend catches on like wildfire or not lol.


shoots tumblr in the balls

Get to know me meme5 current celebrity crushes
[2/5] Katee Sackhoff

"ENTPs may struggle with practicing one upmanship" I have no possible idea what u could mean.

when u can tell someone is being nice to you out of social obligation but you’re positive they bad mouth you otherwise and you wonder just why they even bother to keep up the charade.

laughs bitterly about life

posted 1 week ago

I don’t mind being denied. I mind being led on. 

posted 1 week ago

yes thank you for unfollowing me when I am clearly down. thank all six of you so much. 

Hawks at Skins. Let’s do this, cawcaw.

posted 1 week ago

you guys couldn’t even make it past midnight without making me feel like crap

i can’t wait for tomorrow and being out all day being guilted into shit you like under the guise of it being for me.

so gr8.

much want.

ha ha ha

posted 2 weeks ago